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Staging underground station-1

For some time now Parramatta has been recognised as a logical location for a future High Speed Rail station given its centrality to greater Sydney.

However, Parramatta is also rapidly going vertical and is space constrained. Some say that High Speed Rail station would seem to be enormously expensive and disruptive.

This is an outline of one plan under which Parramatta can be given a High Speed Rail station and in the process:
• Completely rebuild and modernise the conventional station.
• Remove the elevated rail line entirely from the City.
• Do so with minimal disruption and in a logically staged manner.
• Do so efficiently and cost effectively.

The project has 3 main stages:
1. Create a new conventional station located under the new Town Square and divert the conventional rail line through this station.
2. Create a new High Speed station within the confines of the existing rail corridor and initially use it for a fast and high frequency east-west rail line connecting Parramatta with the Sydney CBD and to points west including the Western Sydney airport.
3. In due course, connect the Melbourne to Brisbane High Speed Rail line to the new High Speed station.

Click here for some maps that illustrate the process step by step for this particular plan.

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