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Regeneration after undergrounding

perth city link before undergrounding
perth city link after undergrounding

Regeneration after undergrounding rail between Perth CBD and Northbridge

The Perth City Council wanted to connect Perth CBD and Northbridge urban precinct by undergrounding the Fremantle rail line.

Strategex staff led the economic, environment and social impact assessment of the case for undergrounding. The economic assessment included:
• net economic value from new residential, commercial, car parking and tourism buildings
• additional economic value from better connectivity with Northbridge
• urban amenity from popular public space

Quantified benefits exceeded costs across a range of sensitivities.

The Perth City Council received an assessment that made the case for undergrounding. The project was funded by the Western Australian and Federal governments and construction has now been completed. The above images show before and after the regeneration. This is now a vibrant part of Perth.

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