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Light metro

Russ’ light metro

The following figure shows an option for light metro linking Parramatta.
Map showing options for light metro to Epping and Liverpool

The green line is derived from the Westline proposal. I’ve simply extended it through the Strathfield bus interchange and onto Burwood station. I’ve also extended it across the Parramatta river to Meadowbank, then Top Ryde shops, Macquarie hospital, Macquarie Park station and Macquarie University station. The point of this line is not to create a long distance connection between Parramatta and Macquarie Park, but rather create faster local connectivity. A spine onto which bus routes are attached.

The purple line is simply the Carlingford line rebadged, which is a bit of a no brainer. It’s not intended to create long distance connectivity just simply serve those suburbs.

And the blue line is my “light metro”. An underground express service between Parramatta and Epping (I didn’t draw the Parramatta to Liverpool part). Again this is intended to be an adjunct to a high speed rail line, but I guess it could be built as a standalone. My hope is that it’s liked enough that someone goes ahead and builds the tunnel and we can run HSR through it later.

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