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Regional transport

Linking Parramatta with Greater Western Sydney

A number of proposals have been suggested to link Parramatta more closely with Greater Western Sydney region. This website links to various proposals, but doesn’t judge them. Please let us know of any other proposals that might usefully be linked here.

Proposals include the following:

  • Light rail
    • Parramatta to Macquarie Park
    • Parramatta to Castle Hill
    • Parramatta to Bankstown
    • Parramatta to Olympic Park
  • Metro rail Parramatta to Liverpool and Epping
  • Rod Simpson proposal

Benefits of linking Parramatta more closely with Greater Western Sydney include the following:

  • Better access to jobs in Parramatta – sometimes quantified in terms of wider economic benefits.
  • Land value uplift in surrounding suburbs – a better measure, in our view.

The Parramatta City Council has expressed its views on priorities here.


Contact us for more information.

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