Rail versus Road Transport for Western Sydney Airport

Driving to/from WSA, or catching a taxi? Other posts on this site have dealt with options for “Metro or very fast rail for Western Sydney Airport?” contrasting today’s Metro rail technology, on the one hand, with the latest high speed rail advances out of Germany,┬áChina and Japan in the form of Maglev, at the other (fastest today) extreme. In the post headed “Just how fast ...

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Metro or very fast rail for Western Sydney Airport?

A fast rail link for Badgerys Creek airport The authors have done some computations with assistance of qualified engineers, on the various choices referred to in the post Just how fast a rail link between CBD and Western Sydney Airport?. Sydney is introducing faster Metro style services with its North West Rail Link and the extension of its Sydney Rapid Transit concept, now to be called simply ...

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How fast rail to Western Sydney Airport?

Fast as a speeding Bullet – not quite, but almost as fast as a Jet. Another post has described how Japan has achieved major technological breakthroughs with very high speed rail, through the new form of Superconducting Magnetic Levitation trains (SC-Maglev). As recently as 21st April this year, this type of train set a new land speed record for rail vehicles of 603 km/h, in formal tests, wit...

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